Mahaleb cherry / Prunus mahaleb
High of the tree: 40cm


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The tree was collected in autumn in 2020 and planted in Perlite and a little white peat. Perlite is a very light and airy substrate that has proven to be great for rooting trees. Its downside is that it is very soft so the trees you get may look a little unstable in it but we absolutely didn’t notice any problem because of it. The trees are packed in tight packages and well tied inside it. We repot our trees in a bonsai pot only a year after collecting them but our recommendation for you is when you get the tree you wait for one growing season to pass and let the tree adapt to your place and climate. In the meantime, you can shorten the branches and remove those that do not belong to your vision of the future design. If possible, when planting in a bonsai pot for the first time, preserve all the roots.